• Sliced tri tip on plate

    Smoked Tri Tip

    Smoked Tri Tip: This is a delicious game-changing smoked tri-tip steak recipe! Often called the Newport steak, triangle tip, triangle roast with different cuts of meat this wins the prize with the perfect fat content and flavor. With your favorite side dish, this is hands down the best tri-tip recipe! The good smoke flavor will make you a believer if this is your first time, and the good news is, the amount of time it takes is worth it with just a fraction of the time in meat smoking world! Why you’ll love this recipe What a great way to have the perfect cut of beef with a smoky flavor…

  • smoked elk sliced on white plate

    Smoked Elk

    Smoked Elk: One of the BEST smoker recipes there is, smoked elk is one of our favorite ways to cook elk steak, elk medallion pieces, or almost any part of this wild game meat. Quick Overview: Smoke at 225° – no marinade required but the elk rub is what gives it TONS of flavor! See the full elk recipe below. What you’ll love about this recipe Smoked elk meat is a great dish of meat that will win over the crowd! You can use several different cuts of meat but for this recipe, I used backstrap, and that’s the cut that will run along the length of the backbone. (If…