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Elk Hunting Gear

Elk Hunting Gear: Essential Equipment for a Successful Hunt

Elk hunting is a thrilling and challenging experience that requires proper preparation and the right gear. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, having the right equipment can significantly improve your chances of a successful hunt. In this blog post, we will explore the essential elk hunting gear that every hunter should consider.

Bull elk

As an Elk hunting guide in Montana and with my own experience on public and private hunts, this is the list you will want for your elk hunting gear list! When I decided to create this after man hunts and many conversations it is amazing you can ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. I use what I use because I need the best gear possible.

Expert Tips

  • Watch out for what can eat you in your areas.
  • Don’t go by yourself have someone with you.
  • Carry an inReach to let people know where you are.
  • Plan for the worst-case scenario you might have to stay the night in the backcountry.
  • What to wear elk hunting: Keep yourself dry – Have the proper gear on. In the case where you get wet, shed your clothes and change as soon as possible.

Elk Hunting Gear List

For my top recommendations, click on the blue links below to see exactly which products I recommend.

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(At the time of publishing)
Sitka Gore OptifadeCold Weather Beanie- I Like this when glassing or on cold days. 3.5 Oz$59.00
Sitka Heavyweight base layerCold weather Base layer bottoms I like these on cold days. 9.15 Oz$99.00
Sitka Half Zip Long SleeveBase layer top for cold weather. 9.15 Oz$99.00
Sitka Mid layer top Sitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine Series Core Lightweight Long-Sleeve Hoodie for Men. Great Mid layer!6.81 Oz$129.00
Sitka Gore Pants Sitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine Series Traverse Pants for Men. 26.2 Oz$149.00
Merino wool socksHeat Holders LITE Merino Wool Socks for Men. I wear these socks every day of the season. 1 per day 1 extra in pack. 6.2 Oz$19.99
Sitka JacketSitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine Series Jetstream GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER Jacket for Men. Great for the Mountains this is my new jacket for 2023 Season. 25.43 Oz$349.00
Hunting bootsZamberlan 981 Wasatch GTX RR Hunting Boots for Men. I wear these in Montana and Alaska. 63.36 Oz$489.99
Camp ShoesGood old Crocs for camp. 10 Oz$54.99
Hunting pack Eberlestock 75L Mirage pack. I use this pack because I love the scabbard. 120 Oz$349.99
Meat PackGet a good meat pack for hauling out the game! 100 Oz$119.99
Bino HarnessAlaska Guide Creations Ravus Bino Harness. It’s my go to. 10 Oz$131.99
Binoculars 10x42MM Swarovski EL Range TA Binoculars32.6 Oz$3,999.00
Spotting ScopeStealth 25x63x8034.2 Oz$2,700.00
Spotting scope MountSpotting scope window mount I use this for glassing out of my side-by-side. I also put it on my Bogg tripod when I’m in the backcountry. 10 Oz$79.99
Tripod BOG DeathGrip Infinite Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod. Get this one the one with the clamps sucks. 97.6 Oz$399.99
Lighter glovesSitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine Series Traverse Gloves for Men6 Oz$40.00
Heavy GlovesSitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Elevated II Stratus GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER Gloves for Men8 Oz$129.00
Neck Gaiter itka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine Neck Gaiter for Men8 Oz$49.00
Hand WarmerHeatMax HotHands Self-Activating Hand Warmer Value Pack12 Oz$7.99
Skinning KnifeOutdoor Edge RazorGuide Pak Knife Combo Pack. Get the replacement blades carry two extra packs of blades. 14 Oz$99.00
Game BagsKoola Buck Antimicrobial Game-Quarter Bags24 Oz$34.99
Rubber glovesField dressing gloves.3 OZ$5.99
RopeBass Pro Shops Multi-Purpose Camo Rope ⅜ 100′10 Oz$14.99
LeathermanLeatherman Sidekick! Just get one!7 Oz$69.99
Wyoming SawGreat breakdown saw to get trees out of the way or split animals. 24 Oz$65.99
TentCabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic 6-Person Tent. We use these are great for 3 people go with the 8 man for more. 528 Oz$499.99
Cooler Yeti I use the Yeti 75 for back country. 544 Oz$450.00
Jet Boil Great for Making coffee and meals. 24 Oz$124.99
Coleman Stove I use this a lot on back country.160 Oz$169.99
Lighter for pack Black Beard kit is a great tool in your hunting pack 15 Oz$62.95
Camp AxeI use this Gerber and like it!32.6 Oz$59.99
First Aid KitAdventure Medical Kits Sportsman 100 Medical First-Aid Kit14 Oz$34.99
Sleeping bag Browning Denali -30°F Oversized Mummy Sleeping Bag144 Oz$179.99
PillowAlps Mountaineering Versa Inflatable Camp Pillow8 OZ$24.99
Tent CotAlps Mountaineering Escalade Cot184 Oz$129.99
Flashlight Streamlight ProTac 2L X Dual Fuel Tactical Flashlight15 Oz$54.99
BatteriesGet AA and AAA5 Oz$18.99
Headlamp Ledlenser MH10 Rechargeable Headlamp12 Oz$89.99
Lens wipesKeep these in your bino harness and pack. 5 Oz$4.99
Clean wipes Buy these and skip the shower. Also great after-field dressing!50 Oz$70.00
Orange Vest Orange vest consider getting a cheap one or orange tape for your pack. 12 Oz$49.99
Gun Scabbard Back Country especially if you are on a UTV or ATV. 48 OZ $179.95
Rifle Call Wade Brown Get a 300 PRC 225 ELD ammo (720)318-9705 He’s the man! 144 OzTBD
Ear ProtectionWalker’s Game Ear Ultimate Power Muffs12 Oz$99.99
Gun Cleaning KitRangeMaxx 30-Caliber Gun Cleaning Kit15 Oz$12.99
Freeze dried foodMountain House Freeze-Dried get enough for camp and your pack.5 Oz$10.99
Camp Table Alps Mountaineering Sidekick Camp Table48 Oz$29.99
In-Reach Mini 2Do not go out without this, It will save your life!12 Oz$399.99
Water Bottle 24 Oz water bottle you will need this in the high country. 24 Oz$99.95
Camping potGSI Outdoors Halulite Boiler Backpacking Pot30 OZ$39.99
Camping panAscend 8” Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan15 Oz$19.99
Water Jug Reliance Aqua Tainer Water Jug18 Oz$24.99

Elk Hunting Equipment Breakdown

1: Hunting Rifle

A reliable and accurate rifle is the backbone of any successful elk hunt. When choosing a rifle, consider the caliber, weight, and overall performance. Popular calibers for elk hunting include 7MM,300 PRC, and .300 Winchester Magnum. Opt for a rifle that you are comfortable with and can handle in various weather conditions. You will get confused listening to everyone stick to a higher caliber and practice a lot. You need to be comfortable shooting 300-500 yards in some areas. I use a Best of the West 300 PRC with a Huskemaw scope. I shoot Hornady 225 ELD M rounds. It is a great rifle with tremendous accuracy. Also have a great shooting stick the Bogg I use although heavier is a vice for stability!


Elk hunting often involves long-range shots, so a good pair of binoculars and a quality spotting scope are essential for spotting and evaluating elk from a distance. Look for binoculars with a magnification between 8x and 10x, and a spotting scope with a magnification of at least 20x to 60x. Optics with good light transmission and image clarity are crucial for scouting and tracking elk. I have Swarovski listed below but I started with Vortex Fury HD Binos. On your spotting scope just remember you will be using it a lot so eye strain is real!

Bull elk

3: Clothing and Footwear

Elk hunting takes place in rugged terrain and diverse weather conditions, so investing in high-quality clothing and footwear is crucial. Layering is key to regulate body temperature in changing weather. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, followed by insulating layers, and finish with a waterproof and windproof outer layer. Choose clothing in earth-tone colors to blend in with your surroundings. Durable and waterproof hiking boots with good ankle support are essential for navigating through rough terrains. I created this elk hunting gear list to provide comfort in hard situations. I have killed many elk in jeans and a flannel shirt. Todays high-quality gear will give you an advantage!


A good backpack is essential for carrying all your gear during the hunt. Look for a backpack with multiple compartments and external attachment points for carrying rifles, or spotting scopes. It should have a comfortable harness system to distribute weight evenly, as well as a waterproof cover to protect your gear from rain or snow. The Scabbard on my pack saves me from dragging a rifle around in a sling.

5:Field Dressing Kit

Field Dressing Kit: After a successful hunt, having a field dressing kit is essential for efficiently processing the meat. A good kit should include a sharp knife (See my list), bone saw, game bags for meat storage, latex gloves, and a set of game shears for cutting through bones and joints. It is important to practice proper field dressing techniques to ensure the meat’s quality and safety. Another knife I use that is not on the list is a Knives of Alaska combo kit which is my favorite knife to carry as a guide.

6: Navigation Tools

Elk hunting often takes place in vast and unfamiliar territories, making navigation tools indispensable. A handheld GPS(Inreach Mini 2 device or a smartphone with a reliable GPS app can help you mark hunting spots, track your movements, and find your way back to camp. Additionally, a compass and topographic maps of the hunting area are essential backup tools in case of technology failures. Download OnX on your phone and get familiar with it!

7: Survival Gear

When venturing into the wilderness, it is always wise to carry essential survival gear. This may include a first aid kit, emergency shelter, fire-starting tools, extra food and water, a headlamp, and a multi-tool. Being prepared for unexpected situations can make a significant difference in your safety and well-being. Even packing a few pieces of gum will calm your nerves in a bad situation. Be safe and understand in certain areas you will have dangerous predators around a side arm isn’t a bad idea! I pack a Glock gen 5 10MM

Take this list and apply it to your situation for your elk hunting gear list. I put together an elk hunting clothing list that can be modified easily based on weather conditions. This is a must have elk hunting gear!

Back pack

If you are looking for an Elk hunt reach out to me at [email protected] I’m always glad to help!

Bull Elk

Doing your homework on the area you plan to hunt is a great way to make your odds better on harvesting a bull elk. Planning the trip in detail will save headaches. Get the right elk hunting gear and you bull elk hunt will go down in the history books with comfort in the storm!

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