outdoor edge pro knife in packaging

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Review

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Review: The Outdoor Edge Pro Knife is a staple for field dressing wild game. With the replacement blades, and affordability, this knife is a must-have.

“The Outdoor Edge RazorPro is the most common field dressing and skinning hunting knife to carry in the

backcountry”. Matt Burgess, Elk hunting guide

outdoor edge pro knife in packaging

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Review

As a guide, I have the job to field dress, or at least assist, in getting elk and mule deer gutted and out of the mountains or where ever the kill happened.

When an animal goes down on a hunt you have to have the right hunting knife and not a dull blade to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Video Review

I was introduced a few years ago by other professional guides and outfitters to outdoor edge products. After using outdoor edge knives product on 30 or so elk, I have realized the razorPro is not only the most common it’s the most efficient of the blade knife.

The 3.5″ replaceable stainless steel blades make it easy to switch in and out. the slip grip handle makes even the messiest of jobs a little safer. The gutting blade makes field dressing a breeze to zip up the center of the cavity to expose the internals of your game.

replacement blades for outdoor edge razor pro

Outdoor edge razor-pro replacement blades

A protip: after some use, fat and matter will build up along the blade connection. It’s easy to pull out on the end with a multi-tool to remove the blade. Running it under hot water helps if you have access after the hunt.

Plan on when using the outdoor edge Razorpro to go through at least 2-3 blades on elk hide and fat tend to reak havoc on the sharpness. I will also sharpen a blade while connected to the knife with a porcelain sharpener this makes a sharp knife.

Sample Gutting Method

Here is a breakdown of the knife use. I like to get the animal bottom side pointing downhill, and then either use a stick or a friend to help spread the legs.

I then take the outdoor Edge Razorpro and run the 3.5″ blade around the anus you are trying to get it in as far as possible to break up the pelvis area.

Then, start the incision in the center, going up through the testicles or the vagina, usually keeping that intact ( Check your local hunting laws).

Once you are at the base of the guts, take the gutting blade and slice the hide, exposing the guts all the way to the rib cage. If this is a bull or a buck, make the decision if you are going to have a mount made. This will change the skinning portion. (See my skinning video).

I could take you through the entire process but what you need to know and want to know is that the outdoor edge razorpro will give you several advantages by not having to sharpen blades in the field, and having a gutting blade. Watch my youtube video of my review.

outdoor edge knife review - pro in packaging

Outdoor Edge Razorpro Features

The outdoor edge knife has the strength of a standard knife and the best part is the nice feature of the razor-sharp blade with the ability to change out with spare blades.

The pocket clip feature secures the knife comfortably. I do like the lock button when changing out to a new blade with the push of a button it comes out smoothly.

When I say this knife is sharp, the razor blade has the sharpness of a surgeon when dressing game this is like fillet blades of skinning! The swing blade feature makes the actual gut portion a breeze.

I notice on black bears, how easy these are to shave through the layers of fat. Something that helps is the blaze orange handle with a firm grip, single hand use, sometimes it ends up on the ground or in a gut pile so this helps with seeing it. For everyday use during my season durability is key and a great addition to having the right cutting blade.

Outdoor edge knife review - pro in packaging

The thumb stud helps with securing your hand as you are skinning. This knife is great for the price point. There are more expensive knives out there but this one is affordable and quality.

The black nylon belt sheath is extremely handy to not only store the knife but to store the spare blades.

Another pro tip is to use a pair of pliers and clamp it onto the end of the blade while pushing the button. This helps keep it from slipping into your hand! Nothing is worse than dull knives and a knife you can use one-hand opening is key.

A lot of time in the field, you learn what tools to trust and what goes into a hunting pack for everyday carry.

Size Matters

Blade length is important. This 3.5″ razor sharp blade is perfect with overall length with a thermoplastic rubber handle my favorite knife!

The belt clip feature makes this a great knife! It’s the first product from a knife manufacturer that has quality knives! I also like the lifetime warranty. The drop point and tpr handle along with the black oxide blade holder make the knife blade exchanges easy.

Last week I had a cow elk hanging for a few weeks, and I used the outdoor edge pro to process 90% because it’s so easy! In low light conditions, this knife stands out.

From knife maker to knife sharpeners its something about this different blade I love! Check out the other products like the outdoor edge razormax or the outdoor edge razor-lite edc folding knife. The thin handles and 5-inch blade you will find these products to be useful and effective!

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