Spring Bear Plane

Bear Hunting Gear

Let’s discuss Spring and Fall Brown bear hunting and the gear list you should have with you. These are guided hunts in Alaska .The outfitter should have a list of what they provide, but I will provide the list that we use in Dillingham Alaska with Nushagak Guides! We offer Bear and Moose hunts in remote high-success areas! Bear hunting gear can make or break your hunt!


Spring Bear Plane

Everyone wants to whack a monster Alaskan brown bear and having a good working list of equipment is essential!

In Alaska, the conditions can be harsh and unforgiving stacked on top of you are hunting a giant animal like the Alaskan Brown Bear!

I want to break this down as simply and straightforward as possible. I will post a ton of links for you to look through and make the decision. Usually, you want to contain this to 50 pounds of gear along with a rifle. Alright, let’s get started with the Spring Bear!

Spring Brown Bear hunting

Spring bear is a wild ride this is hunting Brown bears coming out of their den. We ride snowmobiles! This is about having the right gear for riding. Absolutely the “best fun” you can have according to Brian Donovan! Bear hunting gear is critical this time of year because of the variations in climate!

Bear and Plane


Now we can discuss and argue about what is better. I am wearing al little of everything and the reason why… My belief that there are many companies that have a great durable product and they really care about the product they sell! I I want to see customer service. Comparing the products side by side with other top-of-the-line gear. This is discussing the actual hunt clothes. I don’t care what you are wearing back at the cabin. Do what’s comfortable wear your new balance shoes! I had these clothes and gear for 40 days.

Here is a breakdown of what I’m wearing. Starting at the top:

SITKA Gear Men’s Boreal Windstopper Beanie keeping my head warm this is a must!

Neck and face mask for snowmobiling! Wyot Balaclava.

Now to the base top and bottoms this needs to hug the body but wick sweat and have the anti-microbial for long days! I use Ice breaker Merino top and Ice breaker Merino bottoms.

Mid layer is key to retaining body heat while being able to breathe. Riding snowmobiles can create a lot of sweat having a great mid-layer will help keep you comfortable that’s the goal in all of this. I am using SITKA Gear Men’s Ambient Mid-Layer Insulated Hunting Hoody. And for pants SITKA Gear Mountain Pant.

SITKA Gear Men’s Stratus Windstopper Water Repellent Ultra-Quiet Fleece Hunting Jacket with Removable Hood and SITKA Gear Men’s Blizzard Aerolite Waterproof Hunting Bib Pant.


Gloves are so important! I struggle with winter conditions having the proper circulation in my hands when it gets cold. Riding snow mobiles across the ice and snow you need good gloves. I use the SITKA Gear Delta Deek Waterproof Windproof GTX Glove.


Socks can be difficult I know times when it’s perfect and times when my feet are either sweating or miserably cold. I find riding the best socks for balance are I can’t Kenetrek Men’s Standard Canada Midweight Over-The-Calf Hiking Sock you enough how much I love these socks. I guide all over the place and these babies go everywhere with me. These socks need to be light because the boot we will discuss is heavy insulated and you want to avoid sweat!

Brown Bear


Boots are incredibly important. Speaking to Master Guide Brian Donavan from Nushagak Guides explains that using an Artic Muck Boot is key in riding through this kind of terrain in the Tundra. I also keep a pair of Crocks around the lodge.

Chest bino holders

I absolutley love the Ravus bino holder from Alaska guide creations. I use this along with my El Range Swarovski EL Range 10×42.


Back pack

I use an Eberlestock pack. I like this pack for several reasons but mainly it has hide packing capability and I can easily slide my rifle in and out.

Pack right pack light!

The new thing isn’t always the best thing look for a product that is proven!

Head lamp/Flashlight

This is easy on the headlamp get Last light backcountry bundle. Charging bank awesome headlamp and a light rope. I bought one at a hunting show and loved it!

I am a big fan of the Sure Fire 6 PX pro it’s a great light and super durable!

“I don’t want to skip out on something because of a few hundred dollars.”

Here is a great article about setting a bhttps://www.huntinfool.com/states/alaska/bearbudget for your hunting trip!


I am playing with fire with this conversation. I am giving my humble opinion. Based on caliber and type of ammunition can be a major factor in chasing a giant into the alders or not!

I recommend first a 375 H&H from Best of The West! they have a great system you can also use this caliber with your Moose hunt in the fall. The Scope I use with my rifle is a Huskemaw 5-30×56. You do not need a high-powered scope in Alaska most of our shots are close range. If you have specific questions for me about this rifle let me know! Send me a message I am happy to discuss it! The ammunition I use is 300Gr Hornady Interlock. Make sure you have hearing protection. I use Walker Game ear.

Bear Paw

Misc items

The knife you want is an outdoor edge razor pro it’s simple and easy-to-replace blades. More than likely you won’t use it much the guide will do the skinning!

The Med Kit should also include super glue the brush kind!

Lighters I use Black Beard arc lighters.

Paracord is important to get the good stuff!

Water bottle I can not stress enough how you need a good filter bottle I use Grayl 24 OZ bottle.

InReach Mini 2 will save your life get one and learn to be efficient with it! This is a GPS satellite and you can text with it. It also has an SOS button that will give your location and save you!

Snowmobile goggles I like the Aviator 2.0 goggle by 509. Get the extra yellow tint as well for night!

For the most part, you should be in a lodge and the guide will have most everything beyond this list… at least we do.

Shooting a rifle

Fall Bear hunt

Some of this could be some of the same products but it’s important to create this list. I will make printable for these. Spring brown bear hunts are full of adventure! You will either be hunting rivers or lakes with your guide. We provide a lot but you will need the following!

Sleeping bag

You will need a 10-30 below rating sleeping bag. I use a Hyke and Byke 0-degree sleeping bag. Get a blow-up pillow as well! I use Blow up pillow.

Binoculars and Bino holder

Binoculars for sure are the El Range Swarovski 10×42. The Bino holder I use is Alaska guide creations with plenty of room and is super durable!

Hunting pack

Eberlestock Packs are great! I use this one personally. I like it for several reasons but I like the gun scabbard built into it and the ability to pack out a hide if I needed to!

Headlamp and flashlight

Lastlight is it! Headlamps, they are first class! They are rechargeable! Just buy the bundle you get a charge pack and a rope light! Buy it! As far as a great flashlight guide approved get a Sure Fire 6x Pro it has 15k lumens and plenty of durabilities to get you through your kill!


I like great polarized sunglasses I wear Julbo! I really like the comfort and on a 10-day run, you want comfort!


Being on the water for hours at a time the sun can really hammer on you. I like this no-scent Sun screen.


Here is my theory on lighters have plenty I buy 2-3 cheap lighters but I use one main expensive wind proof tough lighter Black Beard! Get one!

Gun Cleaning kit

On the water, it’s important to check out your rifle every few days. You will need a stainless rifle in Alaska. A cleaning kit is key to saving you from having issues short-term and long! Grab a Gun Cleaning kit they are just right for a lightweight kit on the river or Lake!


I like two knives on the hunt. Now your guide will be doing most of the work along with a packer but you will want a few knives to help out and for general use. I bought the Outdoor Edge Pro and Knives of Alaska skinner set! It’s all you need! watch my review on the Outdoor Edge!


You will be wearing a beanie and a ball cap 99% of the time! I use the Sitka Beanie and choose whatever cap you want I wear a Sitka trucker hat.


I wear a Sitka glove and will keep your hands warm.


It is usually raining and then sunny then windy and all of the above! Plan accordingly you usually need to have your bag at 50 lbs of gear and then a rifle. Have a great raincoat and waders do not skimp on this!

My raincoat is a Sitka brand and I love it! My waders are Simms then buy Orvis wader boots that drain water!

I wear long johns from Meriwool pants wool! Tops I wear the same for a base.

Find pants that you can wear under your waders that are comfortable they don’t have to be extremely heavy.

Get Kenetrek socks!

You will want a pair of Crocs to have around camp!

Head net can I tell you how serious this is? It’s really important to have 2-3 head nets. I use this brand head net.

Water Bottle

Grayl Water bottle 24 OZ! Get it!


Get an In reach Mini 2 these have texting and SOS. It will save your life do not forget this!

Misc items

To have the best trip possible I would make sure you pack a few of your favorite snacks. We provide snacks and food but it’s always nice to have what you like. Chewing gum get a bunch I have no reason why except it’s really nice to have it! Bring Nylon rope it’s super nice to have to string out for clothes drying. Bring some Klean Freak wipes you will thank me!

Brown Bear

Weapon for Killing

Here is my advice and it’s humble get a 375 H&H to get ammo that will throw the hammer like 270-grain interlock ammo. You have to want massive devastation with brown bears very seldom they will not die on the first shot. Save a guide and buy a good rifle like Best of the West! If you want to carry a side arm many do it’s a 10MM Glock 20. Make sure you have hearing protection! I use Walker Game Ear!

Check out My elk hunting gear for your western elk hunt!

If you are ready to elk Brown Bear Hunt send me an email [email protected]

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