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    Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Review

    Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Review: The Outdoor Edge Pro Knife is a staple for field dressing wild game. With the replacement blades, and affordability, this knife is a must-have. “The Outdoor Edge RazorPro is the most common field dressing and skinning hunting knife to carry in the backcountry”. Matt Burgess, Elk hunting guide Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Review As a guide, I have the job to field dress, or at least assist, in getting elk and mule deer gutted and out of the mountains or where ever the kill happened. When an animal goes down on a hunt you have to have the right hunting knife and not a dull…

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    The 10 Best Whiskeys to Drink in 2022

    Best Whiskeys to Drink in 2022 don’t get left behind! Your friends will be like damn he’s on his game! Learning about whiskey is fun! Here are the top ten whiskeys to knock back! There’s so much variety when it comes to whiskeys, and there’s a bottle for every taste preference and price point. And finding whiskey nowadays is not that hard, each with its own unique identity and character. No matter what kind of whisky you are looking for, whether for the perfect pair with a cocktail or a smooth sipper, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best whiskeys available. Best Whiskeys of 2022 1.      Best…