• Smoked sirloin

    Smoked Sirloin Steak

    Smoked Sirloin Steak: This recipe is delicious! If you are looking for great flavor with a simple dry rub this is your go-to in steak recipes! Turning your top sirloin steak into mouth-watering gold! Why you’ll love this recipe With high beef prices today this is a great way to feed the masses or just yourself and get that satisfying feeling! The smoky flavor This was inspired by my smoked tri tip recipe that I know you’ll love. You can also use this recipe for many other cuts of meat including strip steak, beef roast, filet mignon. I will discuss how to put together the best steak seasoning, the desired…

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    Beef Ribs on the Pellet Grill

    Beef Ribs on the Pellet Grill: Tasty and tender, these beef short ribs are full of flavor with a texture that simply melts in your mouth. You get a sensational crust from the dry rub that will have you licking your fingers for more and fighting over the last rib. Why you’ll love this recipe They’re the kind of ribs you make for the big game, on Sundays, when it’s gorgeous outside and you want to chill by the pool. Ok, they’re the kind of ribs you’re going to want to make ALL the time! With your smoker, you’ll be the dynamic duo that creates the best beef ribs on…

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    Traeger Baked Potatoes

    For an easy side dish to go with all your delicious meals, check out these Traeger baked potatoes. Cooked on a Traeger pellet grill, these smoked baked potatoes are perfect for the summer.  Why you’ll love this recipe This simple recipe gives potato skins a smoke flavor that is so tasty and pairs well with lots of different meat options. The end result is a delicious, hearty side that is flavorful any time of the year, but especially in the hot months. These potatoes go directly on the grill grates, which gives them excellent smoke flavor. When paired with a main course of meat, and topped with a little sour…

  • Sliced tri tip on plate

    Smoked Tri Tip

    Smoked Tri Tip: This is a delicious game-changing smoked tri-tip steak recipe! Often called the Newport steak, triangle tip, triangle roast with different cuts of meat this wins the prize with the perfect fat content and flavor. With your favorite side dish, this is hands down the best tri-tip recipe! The good smoke flavor will make you a believer if this is your first time, and the good news is, the amount of time it takes is worth it with just a fraction of the time in meat smoking world! Why you’ll love this recipe What a great way to have the perfect cut of beef with a smoky flavor…

  • smoked elk sliced on white plate

    Smoked Elk

    Smoked Elk: One of the BEST smoker recipes there is, smoked elk is one of our favorite ways to cook elk steak, elk medallion pieces, or almost any part of this wild game meat. Quick Overview: Smoke at 225° – no marinade required but the elk rub is what gives it TONS of flavor! See the full elk recipe below. What you’ll love about this recipe Smoked elk meat is a great dish of meat that will win over the crowd! You can use several different cuts of meat but for this recipe, I used backstrap, and that’s the cut that will run along the length of the backbone. (If…

  • Elk Back strap

    Elk Backstrap Recipe

    Love elk backstrap? Looking for the perfect grilling recipe? Elk backstrap is a great cut of meat that may also be referred to as “loin”. This cut will run along the length of the backbone. Here you’ll find an easy marinade and spice recommendation and it will help you with step by step grilling instructions. Elk Backstrap Recipe Now I can’t share an elk recipe without telling one of my favorite elk hunting stories but if you’re just interested in the recipe, feel free to scroll on down to the bottom of this post where I share the recipe card with all the details you need to know to make…

  • Elk Burger

    The Best Elk Burgers

    Looking for the best Elk Burgers? Look no further! This recipe will show you the TRICK on making burgers delicious and juicy! For the life of me, I have no idea why elk meat is not a staple in everyone’s diet. I love to hunt and provide awesome elk meat for my family. For some reading this, it might not be the perfect situation to travel to unknown lands and make a kill… but for me, I love the challenge of the uncomfortable hiking, emotions involved in tracking down your dinner! If you’re planning an elk hunt soon, make sure to grab my elk hunting tips and packing list. Spending…

  • a bowl of elk chili

    The BEST Elk Chili

    The best elk chili using everyday simple products. You will find this to be a simple and great way to use your elk burger. Elk Chili Recipe I am always trying to find new ways to use elk burger! Sometimes it’s the bull in rut, sometimes it’s the delicious cow elk. Making chili, especially going into the fall and winter, is my favorite time for this recipe. It’s so cool to be able to harvest your own elk and often times you find yourself with massive amounts of elk burger. Smoked elk chili and elk stew meat chili are a couple of recipes I will have a series of “use…

  • How to Roast a Cow over charcoal

    Holy Cow!

    Have you ever woken up early in the morning hours and said, “I want to cook an entire heifer?” Well…. My friend Mike did for his wedding reception, and he allowed me the privilege to help him along in this journey. This is a journey from eating grass in the field… to the bellies of hungry guests. Mike has a great friend that hooked him up with a 15-month old black angus heifer. Now, we could discuss breeds and the best type of marbling but I will save that for another article. Let’s just jump right in to the whole process. We put the heifer into a pen for a…