Elk Burger

The Best Elk Burgers

Looking for the best Elk Burgers? Look no further! This recipe will show you the TRICK on making burgers delicious and juicy!

For the life of me, I have no idea why elk meat is not a staple in everyone’s diet.

I love to hunt and provide awesome elk meat for my family. For some reading this, it might not be the perfect situation to travel to unknown lands and make a kill… but for me, I love the challenge of the uncomfortable hiking, emotions involved in tracking down your dinner!

Elk Hunting Tips

If you’re planning an elk hunt soon, make sure to grab my elk hunting tips and packing list.

Spending countless hours in the mountains chasing elk, I often think about different meals and what would set them aside from the “usual” snack sticks and boring meals.

I want something my wife would say is “amazing” and not say “ewww elk”.

The BEST Elk Burgers

elk burger

I have researched and tried and failed many times making the perfect elk burger.

Whats the perfect temp?

To sear or not to sear?

What spices or marinade to use?

Through trial by fire, I have made the recipe simple and delicious and I encourage everyone to add things to it that you like.

I love traditional burger toppings but I also love red onions thrown on the grill with garlic and olive oil.

elk burger

Where Can I Find Elk Meat?

If you are not a hunter and looking for elk meat, of course you can always lean on friends or family who have some.

If buying, I actually recommend Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.
They have a great selection of elk meat and offer to ship.

Of course, not all meat is the same when it comes to natural selection.

Depending on the time of year, if it is a bull elk and he is in rut, the meat could be extremely gamey and have an unpleasant smell. All this means is that you might have to be the judge of the meat and it might need a little something else if it is compromised. Take a look at this list of things to look for.

  • Make sure the elk meat has a nice red color.
  • “Smell” is key. If it doesn’t pass the smell test but it’s not spoiled it needs buttermilk or maybe lemon juice to kill the smell and neutralize it.
  • Elk by nature is very lean and that makes it great! If you’re worried about it falling about for burgers…do not worry… we will make it stick together!

How to Grind Elk Burger

Grinding the Meat… you can take just about any part of the elk and make burger. I like to use LEM meat grinders and have used this brand for years and it’s easy to get attachments for their products.

I usually will have conversations with people about adding pork or beef fat into the burger…. but we will talk about how to add the fat and get your burger to stick together.

How to Cook Elk Burgers

If you’d like to skip the details to make the beset elk burgers, you can see the full recipe card with instructions below!

For the seasoning, keep it simple… I like salt, pepper, and a little garlic salt. You can always top some garlic or mix it into the burger for a little extra zing. I find keeping it simple makes it easy and the best!

Making the patties – After the grinding process, take a mixing bowl and place the seasonings in the bowl along with the elk burger and mix together with your hands, so it looks even and consistent.

Patty out equal portion sizes of 4 burgers. (I like a ¾ to 1″ thick patty the standard burger bun size.)

As you are forming these, it’s time for the secret ingredient:
Slice two, 1/8 inch pieces (give or take) of cold butter for each burger and place two 1/8 inch slices in the middle of each patty and roll it together and form back into a patty.

Not only will this add flavor, it will help keep the burger together. Now, some people will shred the butter instead of slice it but I will normally just slice it…. who cares mix the cold butter into the burger.

Grilled Elk Burgers

elk burger

I prefer to grill elk burgers, but they can also be baked in the oven. If baking, here is a GREAT baked burgers recipe that uses beef, but you can easily follow the baking time and temperature instructions listed there.

For grilling, I usually like to set the grill to a high heat of 400 degrees for a brief moment.

This will sear the outside but only for a moment.

Flip the burgers and then give it about one minute per side and then lower the heat to medium heat.

Can Elk Burgers be Rare or Should they be Well Done?

I would suggest getting the internal temp between 130-140 degrees.

Pull the burgers and wrap them in aluminum foil and let them rest for a few minutes in the juice.

DO NOT OVERCOOK or they will dry out. Cooking time can be tricky and it depends on the size of the burgers but you could use 8-10 minutes for a gauge.

Yield: 4 Burgers

The BEST Elk Burgers

Elk Burger

Looking for the best Elk Burgers? Look no further! This recipe will show you the TRICK on making burgers delicious and juicy!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 1 lb. ground elk burger
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 tsp garlic salt
  • 8, 1/8 inch slices of cold butter
  • 4 hamburger buns
  • Toppings of choice


1. Slice the 1 pound of elk burger into 4 even slices.

2. Slice two ⅛ inch pieces of butter for each patty

3. Roll the butter into the patty.

4. Mix together the salt, pepper, and garlic salt in a small bowl. Then, lightly coat the patties with the seasoning.

5. Preheat grill to high sear the outside of the patties, about 45-60 seconds each side.

6. Lower temp to medium heat and cook burgers flipping every few minutes for a total cook time of 8-10 minutes.


For additional topping use iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

1 Burger

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 116Total Fat: 4ggSaturated Fat: 0gSodium: 544mgmgFiber: 1gProtein: 24gg

Looking for More Elk Recipes?

If you love this recipe, then you’ll love my elk chili!

I’d love to hear what your favorite elk recipe is. Comment below and share your favorites!

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