The Dude Blog

Welcome to Where Dudes Talk Dude Stuff

Man this is long overdue. The Dude Blog has been in the works in my head for a while now and I’m excited to finally get it launched.

Who’s This Dude?

I’m Matt, a mid 30’s guy who loves hunting (big game), Jiu-Jitsu, traveling, working in my consulting business, trying out new restaurants, drinking the BEST whiskey (or new beer on the market) and hanging out with my family… discovering new places to visit.

The Dude Blog

What to Expect Here…

Well you’ve heard what I’m in to, but that sure doesn’t sum everything up in regard to what you’ll find here on The Dude Blog.

I plan to chat all things “dude” here, like:

  • business advice (Consulting businesses on how to grow and teaching them what NOT to do.)
  • hunting tips/trips (Hunting big game is my kryptonite)
  • traveling/vacations (Brittish Columbia is top on my list)
  • health and working out (Testosterone Therapy/Jiu-Jitsu/lifting)
  • food and spirits (Trying out new whiskey is my thing)
  • marriage and family (I’ve been with my wife Jessica for 21 years – married 11 – and had the worst and best to share with you.)
  • …and so much more.
elk hunting montana

Why You’ll Want to Keep Coming Back…

My friends will tell you that you’ll NEVER miss a dull moment around here because you can never guess what I’ll be doing next.

If I’m not going on a road trip to visit a new friend (who’s a homeless guy that I met on Periscope) or flying in helicopters hunting hogs in Texas… then you can almost bet that the next thing will be just as random.

Can’t wait to share more with you here and on my YouTube channel where you’ll find videos on hunting, traveling, taste-testing and more!

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